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Meeting Arc Flash Requirements Through Proper PPE Labels




  • Do you have a written policy that addresses NFPA 70E and electrical LOTO goals?
  • If so, do the written policies include very specific procedures and training requirements for qualified staff?
  • Have your employees been properly trained?
  • Does your workplace have a formal electrical hazard assessment completed for employees
    to follow?
  • Do you understand the options available for NFPA 70E risk assessments?
  • Will you need help in creating a sound electrical safe work practice program?



Confidence in your contractor is everything. Especially when NFPA 70E compliance is on the line, and you are working from an open-ended codebook.

Faith Technologies brings clarity to today’s standards – providing insights into what questions you should ask prior to your assessment, as well as what to expect throughout the assessment process. We then utilize the following six-step process to develop a comprehensive Electrical Risk Management program that supports your existing safety process and complies with all arc flash requirements.

  1. Field verification. This is a major component of a successful NFPA 70E program. Our licensed electrical technicians confirm your existing electrical systems through signal tracing and verifying the existing electrical equipment labeling is accurate. Once feeds are verified, a detailed AutoCAD one-line drawing is created to illustrate the electrical system in your facility.
  2. One-line prints. Faith Technologies’ one-line drawings are unique in that they are custom-designed using actual system tracings and customer specific LOTO goals. Before any engineering work is implemented, we review the LOTO specific drawings with you to verify that the print files will meet your long-term growth potential and employee training goals.
  3. Engineering. Engineering evaluations are performed utilizing one of the two top engineering software products on the market: Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) and EasyPower. This includes short circuit calculations, coordination reviews, arc flash values, and mitigation recommendations on equipment with a HRC 1 level and higher.
  4. Labeling. Our PPE labels support true electrical maintenance LOTO needs, and are not based on machine specific LOTO programs. They clearly indicate arc flash boundary, incident energy ratings, PPE needs, hazard classification, shock hazard in voltage present when covers are opened or removed, limited approach boundary, restricted approach boundary, prohibited approach boundary, dedicated and unique item name for each item calculated, and true “fed from” identification for LOTO.
  5. Training. Once policy changes are made to support the new Electrical Risk Management program, training can begin. Faith Technologies educates your team on OSHA 1910 references, NFPA 70E definitions, avoiding equipment failure situations, shock hazard prevention, electrical LOTO procedures, PPE usage and storage, PPE labeling, personal boundary definitions, and de-energized work expectations.
  6. Long-term maintenance. The definitions found within article 130.5 of the current NFPA 70E do not clearly address long-term maintenance. We strongly recommend maintaining arc flash risk assessments at a minimum interval of one year to ensure all production sites have current safety labeling. Faith Technologies can help you maintain arc flash assessment and ensure PPE labeling adheres to current NFPA 70E codes.

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